Our Story


Since he was 12, Sean struggled with acne, blemishes, dry and oily skin problems. He tried everything from popular consumer brands such as Neutrogena® and Proactiv®, to Dermatologist prescribed products. These products would either stop working or make his skin problems worse, leaving him feeling dissatisfied and frustrated.

In 2014, Sean read a blog article explaining the benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar topically on peoples’ skin. He bought a bottle at a local supermarket and began to test it immediately on his skin.

Within a week, Sean noticed considerable improvements in the quality of his skin, but realized the vinegar smell was unpleasant, not only to himself, but to others.

Sean next began researching ways to prevent the caustic or burning effect over-the-counter apple cider vinegar had on his skin. He persevered with purpose to create a pleasant smelling product that combined the benefits of apple cider vinegar while providing a safe and highly effective solution to his skin problems.

Within two months, Sean developed a formulated combination of organic ingredients that worked safely and effectively on all skin types by focusing on restoring the skin's naturally acidic state. With his last $300 of savings, he committed his full time efforts to testing, producing and delivering the product he knew would alleviate all kinds of facial skin problems.

The result: RESTOAR® Facial Toner

Sean Dreiling

Founder & CEO at Restoar