How To Use

Wash face with water to cleanse thoroughly. Use makeup remover if necessary. Shake bottle & apply 2-3 dabs onto a cotton pad (better than cotton ball) and swipe all over face. Let it sit & dry for 15-30 seconds. Safe to apply sunscreen or makeup on after. Cleansers and moisturizers aren't necessary, especially if you like to keep it simple.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE COTTON PADS: Pour a finger tip size (the smallest possible amount) into your hand and apply all over face. 

WHEN TO USE: Morning and night daily. After you get out of the shower or as a primer. Safe to apply multiple times during day (i.e. before or after a workout).

OTHER USES: Acne Spot Treatment, Light Makeup Remover, Aftershave, Deodorant, Sunburn, Mosquito Bite, Body, Scalp, Cuts/Wounds