Before & After Pictures Submission Guidelines


You will be taking the following sets of pictures:

  2. DAY 1
  3. DAY 3
  4. DAY 14

How To Take Pictures

  1. Use a smart phone camera
  2. Ensure adequate lighting is available (or use your flash)
  3. Take Front, Left or Right Sides

*Before & after pictures on the home page were taken with a smart phone several years ago to give you an example of good lighting and quality of pictures.

When To Take Pictures

  1. Take BEFORE picture when your face is thoroughly cleansed (no makeup/product) and before you start using RESTOAR®
  2. Take DAY 1-14 pictures in the morning or at night after you shower, wash your face & cleanse thoroughly

Please do your best to take the best quality pictures from the perspective of a potential customer looking to make a purchasing decision based upon your own results.

How To Submit Photos

  1. Download Amazon application on your smart phone
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Type "restoar" in search bar
  4. Scroll down & click "write a review"
  5. Leave an authentic & detailed explanation of your experience, with your name, using Restoar & upload the pictures that are on your smart phone camera. If you can add the following text to the images (before, day 1, day 3, day 14), we would greatly appreciate this additional help.

FINAL STEP: Text me the 4 pictures to the number 310-409-6592. Next, contact me at and tell me which review is yours so I can verify and send you a special coupon code to receive your free bottle of RESTOAR®

Here is the link to our Amazon listing: Amazon: RESTOAR® Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner

*Note: By participating in our Before & After Pictures Program, you give us full rights & permission to use your pictures for any marketing purposes we deem necessary. We will respect your trust and will not abuse the permission you give us and will only share these pictures in the most respectful & professional manner possible.